Traditionally, teaching-learning happens in brick-and-mortar universities and there have been efforts during the last decade to adopt online education

K.N.Rao (Founder & chairman of K.N.Rao educational)


Mr K.N.Rao is a well known scholar and educationalist with more than 17 years experience in the teaching of GATE and ESE examinations. His motive behind founding this institution in his own words 

I was moved by the plight of students from various parts of India who were look into various private institutions for quality learning even after their graduation due to the sicken standards of current day engineering. They are coming from various parts of India to those cities and stay in hostels  with poor facilities for years up to they got succeed, some will give up in the middle due to unbearable  financial burdens.

    After all these I thought about why wouldn’t I make an initiative which could give them access to a quality lectures from their 2nd or 3rd year of their graduation itself and help those already graduated, within an affordable price, and it can be reachable to the students from every part of India.”

Even though we are living in the times of exploring life in inter planetary systems still there are some students who give up their dreams due to economical and geographical constraints. To overcome this  Sri.K.N.Rao sir come up with an idea of establish a teaching platform that can eradicate all the barriers for a student who is sincerely wishing to learn.

 Every student who is wishing to write GATE and ESE examinations can easily get the access to the high quality lectures from the remote locations. Even students who currently in their 3rd or final year of their graduation can also enroll and boost their chances of getting selected for their dream jobs immediately after their graduation.


A lecture may be complex and difficult to understand

If a lecture covers new terminology and/or complicated material which must be remembered, it is an enormous help to students to be able to play back the lecture at their own pace and look again at specific topics they may not have fully understood the first time round.

Students may not speak English natively 

Someone for whom English is an additional language might find it difficult to interpret or understand everything that is covered during a lecture. Having the ability to re-watch will give them time to look up anything they are unsure of.  

Students may have trouble note-taking

If a student has a disability they may find it difficult to listen to a lecture, process the information, and make notes at the same time. A lecture recording provides an audio and visual record which students can repeat as many times as they need. Any part of a lecture can be found easily and played back. It also means an electronic version of the lecture is stored, so it is not a problem if handwritten notes are lost.

Students are unable to ask all the questions they would like to

In some lectures attendance numbers are very large, which means not all students will have the chance to ask questions, or they may feel inhibited from asking questions in front of such a large group. 

 Distance learning students

Being able to watch a lecture online means that students who can’t be physically present in a lecture still feel part of a learning community and can see and hear their tutors speaking about a topic.

During intense revision periods it can be very beneficial for students to be able to revisit or catch up on lectures and to navigate easily to the content they need. 
Different learning styles

As different students prefer to learn in different ways and at different paces, giving them the flexibility and control to view a lecture in their own time means those students who find it difficult to learn from lectures have an alternative method of delivery to suit their learning style



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